Blerdcon 2023: Fae’d to Black!

Blerdcon 2023: Fae’d to Black!
July 7th-9th, 2023
Washington D.C.

I’ve been attending cons for a decade now but they’ve been limited to the state Georgia. I took tiny leap and ventured to Blerdcon for my first out of state con ever and I couldn’t be happier. It was unapologetically centered on the experience of being a black geek in ways I had yet to experience at some of the cons I’ve attended before (but knew I wanted to). Atlanta cons get close and they’re still epic in their own ways but this was different in the best of ways. I had an amazing time. It was the con experience I had always wanted have.

Although it was also a solo trip, I didn’t feel alone at all. There were a ton of familiar faces from past cons and events I’ve attended and even some friends (new and old) from my hometown Bridgeport, CT. On top of that, I met some AMAZING like minded and kindred spirits. If we just met this con and exchanged info, please don’t be a stranger. I’m grateful we met and I hope we cross paths again in the near future. I’ll 10,000% be in attendance next year if the universe allows for it.

Shoutsout to all the creatives I met while I was out there. I’m already seeing a ton of amazing work coming from the people who were there and I everybody supports and credits them as well! These images represent a small portion of what I experienced this past weekend. I honestly spent most of my time legitimately having fun and/or immersed in the con experience.

This gallery is best viewed on a larger screen.

AGAIN!!! To all the people I connected with please don’t be a stranger!


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